Write for Us

Write for Us

Article or Blog

We are always looking for talented writers to share thoughts on a variety of women’s interests, both in and out of the workplace.  We accept articles, blogs, and personal writings on economic business and career development, work/life balance, and purpose and fulfillment up to 1200 words. Please include a short bio and hi-res photo of yourself with your work. We do our best to publish all relevant articles and reserve the right to edit. Reach out to info@HERdacity.org with your ideas.

Leadership Spotlight

Our community is filled with talented, inspirational women who have a story to share. HERdacity features Leadership Spotlights to share the successes, challenges, and accomplishments of individuals to inspire those in our community. The Spotlights are an opportunity for other women to learn and find inspiration in the challenges and successes of  others’ authentic stories.  We believe everyone has a special talent, experience, or knowledge that can inspire others and offer the power to transform their lives.

If you have a a talent, some inspiring experience or well-reasoned thought leadership to share, please reach out! Spotlight themes fall under the umbrella of economic empowerment, and have a focus on business and career development, work-life balance, or finding  purpose in the work you do. If your are interested in being considered for a Spotlight, reach out to info@Herdacity.org.