burnout burning out won't get you there burnout

Webinar Recap | Burning Out Won’t Get You There

burnout burning out won't get you there burnout

In February, we talked with Davida Ginter, founder of Be the Change, co-founder and CEO of Enkindle Global, and the author of the book “Burning Out Won’t Get You There.” She gave us the facts about burnout and how you can spot it before it happens, and easy ways to create a self-care routine to stop burnout in its tracks.


We’re recapping some of the key points below, but also make sure to watch the webinar here for more in-depth information.


First, Why Does Burnout Happen?

  1. People get too busy. We correlate “busyness” to “success” and feel that we need to be busy to hide from failure.
  2. When we start to feel overwhelmed, we tend to hide it. We feel guilty and ashamed that everyone else can do all these things and that guilt causes us to continue to take on more than we should.
  3. We compare ourselves to others. With social media it can look like everyone is successful, but us. “How come everyone is so successful, but I’m just stressed out?”


Davida made sure to mention that there is a difference between stress and burnout. “Stress is not inherently bad…it can be motivating.” However, when stress is not being managed well or becomes chronic, we tend to hit the burnout wall. This is where it becomes dangerous.


So What Can We Do Before It Happens?

First, you need to admit you’re stressed. Being honest about how you’re feeling not only gets you the help you need, but also it helps us become more relatable. We become more authentic to people following our journey because they also deal with these same issues.


Another thing is to practice self-care. When we take care of ourselves and take a step back, it allows us to be better at our jobs and better people overall. “It’s like the analogy to airplanes…put your oxygen mask on first.” You need your strength and energy to be able to help others.


Ready to learn more? View the full webinar to see what questions you should ask yourself to stop burnout, and things you can put into practice now to help take care of yourself.

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