The Power Dynamics of Inclusion | Christine Moses

Ever wonder HOW we actually shift work cultures to be more diverse, equitable, and inclusive?

Then THIS is the webinar you’ve been looking for…

In order for companies and organizations to be diverse, equitable, and inclusive, the power structures within the organizations must shift from top down to a collaborative process that centers around historically minoritized voices. In this webinar hosted by HERdacity, doctoral candidate and Belonging Champion, Christine Moses, will teach us about White Supremacy Culture and discuss some of the antidotes that allow the 3-to-5-year cultural transformation process to begin.

Join us as we foster a sense of belonging and a guide for healthy workplaces for all folks!

In The Power Dynamics of Inclusion, you’ll learn that:

  • Equity is a personal journey to unlearn biases
  • Equity is an institutional journey to unlearn biases
  • Power structures must change in order for equity to be realized

The Power Dynamics of Inclusion Speaker Bio:

Christine A. Moses is an award-winning communicator and consultant working with schools, nonprofits, for-profits, and government agencies on the high-risk issues of equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging. She brings nearly a decade of experience working on DEI organizational change projects, while leading branding, community engagement and empowerment initiatives across industries, governments, and nonprofit organizations. Christine’s current research focuses on helping teachers identify their implicit and explicit biases in order to foster equity pivots within their teaching.

Christine earned a B.A. in sociology from Princeton University, an M.A. in public policy from Trinity College, and is pursuing her doctorate in education equity at the University of Oregon. She currently volunteers her time by serving as the board secretary of Morrison Child and Family Services and as a member of the Oregon State Bar Association Advisory Committee for the Bulletin. She lives in greater PDX with her hubby, Ian, and their cat, River Kitty, enjoying frequent walks and yoga despite her creaky body.

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