The Corporate Path vs. Solopreneur | Webinar

Have you been weighing the options between going for that corporate job or starting your own business? Not sure which way to go? Many women, especially working moms, dream of managing their own schedules and having greater flexibility than that of the corporate sector. Some might think the answer could be to start their own business and things will fall into place… Join HERdacity and Suzanne Brown, author and TEDTalk speaker, guides us through a look at the PROS and CONS of joining the corporate world versus entrepreneurship! Watch the recording to: Hear pros and cons between the corporate sector and running your own business. Understand the opportunities and challenges in managing your career long-term in a corporate environment. Discover the benefits and difficulties of creating and up-leveling a business. Learn a few key steps to help with growth, whether in the corporate world or as an entrepreneur. Speaker Bios…

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