woman confused and thinking swot analysis

What Is A SWOT Analysis And How Can It Help Your Career?

woman confused and thinking swot analysis

Do you have a goal or problem you’re trying to work through, but you keep hitting a wall? It might be time for a SWOT analysis!


A SWOT analysis is usually used by businesses as a strategic planning tool. It allows you to see an all-around view of your organization and where improvements can be made. In that same vein, you can also conduct a SWOT analysis on a personal level to achieve your goals and get a full view of what might be stopping you.


Check out our SWOT worksheet and follow along as we dive into conducting a successful self-analysis.



How to Conduct Your Own SWOT Analysis


A personal SWOT analysis allows you to easily evaluate yourself through a simple template, divided into four sections: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. This lets you look at both internal and external factors that could be stopping you from reaching your goal.


Your first step should be setting a goal. It is important to be as specific as possible. Define how long you are giving yourself to complete this goal and also how you will know that you have achieved it.


Next is evaluating yourself. We’ve broken down the sections and given you questions to ask if you get stuck.



Advantages and assets that you have. These are generally internal (i.e. talents, skill sets, capabilities, etc.)

Questions to ask:

  1. What are you good at?
  2. What do you like to do?
  3. What education, awards, or certifications do you have?
  4. What do people say you are good at?
  5. Any unique abilities?




Areas for improvement or things you are lacking in succeeding in your goal

Questions to ask:

  1. Skills you need for the job you want
  2. Things you need to improve
  3. What tasks do you avoid doing?
  4. Negative work habits




Possibilities you can take advantage you

Things to consider:

  1. What skills do employers need that you could learn?
  2. Can someone from your network help you?
  3. Are there needs no one is filling?
  4. New job opening at work




External sources that are preventing you from achieving your goals

Things to consider:

  1. Are there big changes in the industry you’re trying to get in to?
  2. What skills does your competition have that you lack?
  3. Is there technology that you do not know?



Once you’ve gone through your analysis, it’s time to review and prioritize. Ensure that you haven’t missed any big factors in each box. Circle 1-2 things from each box that will be most important in achieving (or preventing you from achieving) your goal. This will be where you start in improving yourself and moving forward in your goal.


We recommend doing a new SWOT analysis for each goal you have. This will let you get as specific as possible in breaking down each box.


Ready to start? Download your SWOT template now with the button below!

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