Reinventing Your Financial Future After Divorce | Stephanie Dussling

Is divorce making you question where you’re going in life?

Whether it comes as a surprise or builds slowly over time, divorce is a gut-wrenching, life-altering situation. Parting from someone who was a large portion of your life can lead to confusion, a potential loss of identity, and a major shift of finances. We will hear from Stephanie Dussling on how to reinvent yourself [financially] after a divorce.

You will learn:

  • About Stephanie’s experiences through her own divorce and about her support network
  • Of local resources that are trustworthy during this time of change and emotion
  • How to develop a financial strategy to become your own fiscal foundation
  • How to pass on hope and encouragement to those who are divorced/divorcing

Speaker Bios

Stephanie Dussling is a single mom of a 16 year old daughter and has lived in Westlake for over 24 years. She has not only redefined herself personally, but also professionally, following her divorce in 2011, by embarking on a new career as a financial advisor. Through her work, she is able to postivively impact the lives of both individuals and families in her community.

Stephanie’s genuine passion is to help women not just survive, but to THRIVE after a divorce. She is the founder of a local divorce group in Austin that focuses on women who are 50 years and older. The group builds camaraderie, helps to redefine self, shares key resources, and supports women as they build a new career to help stabilize their financial futures.

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