The Mythology of Work-Life Balance

Trying to balance your career,  family responsibilities and your own needs for self-care can be overwhelming.

HERdacity, the Austin-based women’s leadership works to support women as they strive to balance their efforts across these three areas.  In the HERdacity speaker event, Is Work Life Balance a Myth, speakers Mary Flanagan, CEO of HERdacity, and Suzanne Brown, researcher author and TEDX speakers, shared their thoughts on this important aspect of female empowerment.

Working women, in particular, are often challenged  in balancing the wide range of responsibilities they manage, both in and out of the workplace. Ms. Flanagan spoke to the theme of women as connectors, often managing a variety of interactions each day, including:

  • Supporting significant others
  • Managing children and childcare
  • Caring for aging parents
  • Connecting to bosses, colleagues and customers
  • Managing the home needs and housework
  • Serving as connectors to community and social organizations

Ms. Brown focused on the research findings in her upcomping book, Mompowerment.  Key takeaways included:

  1. Mindset – keep a long term approach to work-life balance!  You not have it every minute of every day but overall, with some planning and forethrough, you can keep your life more or less on track.
  2. Productivity – identify the periods in which you are most productive and making plans and getting the most out of the time you are actually dedicated to working.
  3. Boundaries – it’s important to push back and set boundaries when work comes your way. And it’s ok to say no, not right now.
  4. Support – women benefit from maintaining a tribe of people who can be a support in her work-life balance.  These may include:  teachers, nannies, family members, therapists and most importantly, mentors and sponsors.  That is other women who have been there and can provide support.
  5. Self-care – check in each day and be in touch with your needs. This could include relaxation, mediation, mental stimulation or exercise.

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Thanks to all entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate employees, and workplace culture trailblazers who were able to attend.

The event was sponsored by Frost Bank and supported by participation from RetailMeNot, CastleHill Fitness, Mothers’ Milk Bank at Austin and the Austin Women’s Club. HERdacity’s next event, Webinar Launch Party, is on September 27. Check it out! 

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