real women talk about remote work

HER Side: Real Women Talk About Remote Work

In a previous article, we discussed how remote and flexible work helps women.

This time, we wanted to hear real women’s stories on what remote work does for them and how it supports their career goals. Do you have a remote story you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments and we could feature you in our next blog!


“As someone who takes her career and education seriously, one of the biggest challenges/sacrifices was trying to figure out how to make my career work with my relationship. I chose a partner who became a college basketball coach – a lifestyle that comes with moves across the country almost annually in the beginning. While I will always support the dreams of those I love, I supported it from 553 miles, or 9 hours and 33 minutes, away for two years. He went off to Kansas to coach and I stayed in Austin, TX where my career was flourishing.

This worked, while challenging, for a couple years but after time it became less and less fun to be away from my family (we had puppies along the way). In every relationship you have to make sacrifices. Living long distance wasn’t attainable for the rest of our lives so I had to make the difficult decision to transition to a career that I can do remotely, allowing me to join in on the annual moves but have my family together.

While this limited my options for jobs, it gave me so many other freedoms. I work better and faster with less interruptions, I have work-life balance, and no awful commute. Working remotely has given me a freedom that I am extremely grateful for.”

-Jessica, Marketing Director




“My life motto this year has been – success is being in control of my time. Working remotely, allows me to live in this success each day. It means that I am able to logon, put in work and pause or break as needed on my own time. It grants me a guarantee that I can pick up my kids every day from school and spend time with them directly after to hear about their day and assist with homework.

I chose to live and enjoy life while giving focus to the things that truly matter to me and working remotely allows me to do just that while still making a financial living and satisfy my professional side.”

-Jade, Operations Director



“Having the freedom to work remotely allows me to schedule my life according to NEED.  My life and my time are something I can never get back; and for many of us, much of our lives and our time will be spent in working a “job” (whatever that means for you).

Having the ability to say I NEED to go out of town to aid my grandmother in her recovery from surgery while still being able to work remotely (thank you internet), is a real game changer.  Ultimately, I think remote work is the wave of the future and will increase general life happiness for so many people.”

-Lorelei, Program Director


“After two years of a nearly two-hour commute (one way), I became completely burnt-out. I was spending more time driving to and from work than I was with my family. Due to finances, quitting or moving closer to my job wasn’t an option and jobs that were closer to me were far-and-between.

After my wife got sick and had frequent doctor visits, a two-hour commute was no longer viable. In my current role, I’m able to work remotely most of the week and have the flexibility to work when and where I need to. Whether it’s in my backyard or at the doctor’s office, my quality of work has improved, and my productivity has increased.”

-Ashley, Marketing Manager



What are your thoughts on remote work? What questions do you have about it? Leave a comment with your thoughts below!

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