Power Magnets

Power Magnets Ignite Daily Inspiration

Power magnets are the best! I got three incredible HERdacity magnets… and here are the words on each one.  TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK I CAN’T DO SO I CAN GET STARTED. WHEN SOMEONE TELLS ME WHAT I’M NOT ALLOWED TO DO, I LAUGH BECAUSE I DIDN’T ASK. DON’T BE A PASSENGER ON THEROAD OF LIFE.  TAKE THE WHEEL. I love each and every one of these and for different reasons. So since I have been a big fan of magnets for years, I searched my kitchen. Where can I put them? Refrigerator? Nope. That new kind of surface isn’t really metallic. Stove or oven? Same problem. Wooden cupboard doors don’t work for the obvious reason that they are, well, wood. No metal involved except in the hinges and I don’t see an easy and obvious way for me to stick a magnet on a vertical hinge. But inspiration struck.…

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