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New Year, New You | Tara Levy

New Year, New You? You can’t just put “get the job” on your to-do list and get it checked off in one day. Getting the Job is a to-do list all of its own!

If you’re job hunting here in the New Year, you’ll want to watch this webinar hosted by Tara Levy. We learn and discuss the items on your Get the Job list as actionable steps; steps that range from networking, to applying for the role you want, to interviewing, and even navigating yourself into the best position to get that job!

In this webinar, New Year, New You, we’ll discuss:

-Ideas for networking to find the right jobs to apply for

-Ideas for how to pitch yourself and your skills in the application

-Ideas for making the interview a comfortable, productive conversation

Grab a notebook and put your game face – You’re getting that job! To learn more about Tara Levy, JD, please visit: