Mentor Matching

Mentor Matching

Why Mentor Matching?

Thanks for your interest in the HERdacity Mentor Matching program!  We believe that by helping women find mentors,  particularly in male dominated workplaces, they can empower themselves to grow more rapidly in their careers. 

Many studies have been done to look at the impact on mentored employees versus non- mentored employees.  According to Human Capital Research Scientist, Lauren Bidwell, employees who are mentored:   

  • Receive higher compensation and more promotions 
  • Feel more satisfied with their career 
  • Feel more committed to their career 
  • Felt more positively about their organization as a place to work for 
  • Felt more positively about their organization’s senior leadership 
  • Believe their organization provided opportunities for career growth 
  • Felt informed about the future course of their organization 

 She also notes benefits for those doing the mentoring as the following: 

  • Report greater job satisfaction and organizational commitment 
  • Have greater career success 
  • Perceive increased work-related fulfillment 

 Finally, even companies benefit from solid mentoring programs.  Overall, companies with mentoring programs in place benefit from greater employee engagement, stronger employee commitment and higher inclusion rates.  

We’re glad you are supporting HERdacity by considering being a Mentor or finding one! 

How does it work? 

The HERdacity Mentor Matching program seeks to assist women looking for a mentor to connect with those women willing to be mentors.  The HERdacity-endorsed mentorship and consists of a series of three 30minute conversations between the Mentor and the Mentee.  

 The purpose of the conversation is for the Mentee to ask questions of an experienced individual that may help her with issues, concerns or goals around the three HERdacity pillars:   

  • Economic empowerment 
  • Work-life balance 
  • Finding purpose in your work 

 Please note:  the conversations should be professional, courteous and supportive.  They are not opportunities to sell or garner influence of any kind. If these guidelines are not followed, members may be restricted from any further form of community interaction. 

Mentees are responsible for perusing community profiles and looking for a Mentor that might be helpful in advancing her career by providing advice, experience and insights.   

Please note: The responsibility of identifying the mentor and setting up the conversations falls on the responsibility of the Mentee. 

To FIND a mentor – Click Here

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