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HERdacity is a women’s leadership organization dedicated to women’s economic empowerment.

We support career and business development, provide guidance for work-life balance and help our members find fulfillment and purpose in their work. HERdacity hosts networking events, speaker presentations, Mentor Matching, workshops, conferences, online learning and  community discussions.

Your membership with HERdacity allows us to work collectively to move the needle for all women.

Networking & Events

Our networking and events include both in-person and online speaker presentations, small training sessions, conferences, webinars and workshops. Events focus on supporting women’s economic empowerment and feature expert speakers and leaders.  HERdacity events offers networking opportunities and the chance to meet authentic women who are looking to connect and support other women in their life.  Here is a recent Diversity & Inclusion event held in Austin.

Note: Presentation-based events are filmed and shared with the broader HERdacity community on our digital platform and are available for OnDemand viewing by  all members.

Mentor Matching

Many studies have been done to show the value to a women’s career when she can find a supportive Mentor. Yet relevant female mentors can be difficult to find, especially in heavily male dominated workplaces.

To overcome this hurdle, and provide women with access to career enriching guidance and support, HERdacity offers a Mentor-Matching program.  The program complimentary with HERdacity membership and offers a way for members of community to both share and learn from our community’s collective experience, skills and wisdom.  The program is  volunteer and self-directed  and open to all members who are interested.  Please find more details on our Mentor Matching page.

Webinars, Online Learning & Connection

Our goal is to inspire, promote and connect women who are willing to push themselves, rise above and dare to make a difference.

HERdacity’s E-Learning Platform (HELP) curates instructive webinars, training ideas and motivating speaker presentations in a learning library which allows members to catch up on past webinars and video discussions. In addition, HERdacity develops and curates toolkits to serve women in and out of the workplace, such as networking tips, handling occupational harassment, and more.

Membership Levels


$10/month (30 Day Free Trial)



  • Career Development and Training
  • Webinars
  • Online Learning
  • Articles & Blogs Showcasing Female Leadership
  • Community Networking
  • Mentor Matching
  • Leadership Spotlight Opportunities





Includes all Digital perks, plus:

  • Complimentary Access to 6 Live Events a Year
  • Additional Events 50% Off
  • Monthly Networking Meet-ups
  • Discounted Conference Opportunities

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Includes all Warrior perks, plus:

  • Complimentary Access to 12 Live Events
  • VIP Seating at Events
  • Backstage Meet and Greet with Speakers
  • Recognition at Events
  • Two Free Guest Passes a Year
  • VIP Swag Bag

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Group membership of 5 or more is offered at a discount. For more information, contact