Lozen (1840-1889)

Female warrior of the Chiricahua Apaches. Known for being a skilled military strategist and highly proficient in medicine.

Quote: “Lozen is my right hand … strong as a man, braver than most, and cunning in strategy, Lozen is a shield to her people” – Victorio


source: karibovee.com

  • Lozen was born in the 1840’s in what is now New Mexico/Arizona. As a young girl, Lozen had no interest in the traditional female roles of her tribe. Instead, her brother, Victorio, tutored her in the art of war and the ways of the warrior.
  • By age 20, Lozen was an expert in horseback riding, shooting, planning strategies, and stealing horses. She fought alongside her brother and participated with him in council ceremonies.
  • In 1870 the Apache were driven out of their lands and onto the San Carlos Reservation. 9 years later they were sent to another reservation. Lozen and the other Apache warriors would continue to fight against their oppressors.
  • In 1880, Victorio was killed in battle. Lozen and a small group of warriors wanted revenge and began raids across New Mexico and Arizona. They eventually joined with Geronimo. When Geronimo surrendered in 1886, the Apache, including Lozen, were sent to Florida, then Alabama.
  • Lozen died in 1889 from tuberculosis, after her body rejected the climate of her new home. She is said to be buried in an unmarked grave in Alabama.

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