Let’s Change the Conversation | 5 Minute Recap

Welcome to the 5-minute recap of HERdacity’s August 2020 Webinar, Let’s Change the Conversation, with speaker Sam Barrow.  


We want to share with you our biggest takeaways from this webinar – BUT these are by NO means all the juice this webinar holdsso if you like what you hear, check out the full webinar by clicking here. 


Let’s get to it 


First off, let’s meet our speaker Sam.   

  • Sam is an educator and trainer with a strong background in operations, planning, and personnel development.  
  • She spent seven years in hospitality before transitioning into the education industry, pursuing her passion for making education accessible.  
  • She believes continued education is a fundamental need and right for every adult, and that learning doesn’t end with high school or college.  
  • Over the last ten years, she’s dedicated her time to developing, implementing and improving operational strategies, while maintaining a focus on continued personal and professional staff development.  
  • Most recently, she served as Senior Director, Program Operations for a fast-growing startup in the education startup space.  


Now that we’ve met Sam, let’s jump into the takeaways!


#1. Communication Styles and Methods 

Understanding and clearly articulating your preferred communication method and style can be extremely powerful and liberating.


#2. Intentional Language 

This is important because all language is nuanced. Words have personal and cultural significance that can influence the way your message is received.  


#3. Inclusive language 

Intentional is not the only component of communication, another is inclusivity. Despite your best intention, you can end up offending or excluding your audience.  


And that’s it for the recap, but just the tip of the iceberg from this webinar. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and join our newsletter for all the info, tips, and positive vibes.

 See you next time!  

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