Leading from Empty to Overflow | Webinar

Are you a female leader who is running on empty? Many women push hard to build impactful careers, companies, or tackle huge, game-changing goals. For most of us, the harder we push—sometimes the less progress and success we achieve. Why? Women leaders, who are about game-changing, tremendous impact, are often leading on empty. We’re exhausted, stressed out, maxed out, but we keep leading. Leading on empty directly impacts our purpose, profits, and people. There is a cost! A huge cost to our health, well-being, relationships, profits, dreams, and goals. In this webinar, you will: Learn 5 Radical Actions that decrease stress and increase happiness Apply 1 Radical Action to create 7-hours of self-care Learn the benefits of the following actions: Deny, Do, Delegate, Defer Speaker Bios Jenny DuFresne, CEO of DuFresne Solutions Group Jenny is the Founder, Owner, and Operator of DuFresne Solutions Group, a leadership training firm that supports CEOs and mid-level…

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