Leadership: What’s Love Got to do With it?

Summary In this Valentine’s Day session, Sarah Elliott focuses on how to bolster your leadership skills with a focus on love. Whether or not you chose to celebrate the day, we think love makes the world a stronger and kinder place. In business, the “L word” (love) is rarely mentioned. When love – compassion, forgiveness, commitment, inclusiveness, understanding – is nonexistent, leadership generally fails. True leadership not only requires love, it is love. Yet amazingly, love is rarely described as a leadership competency. Your future, and your success as a leader, depends on your capacity to authentically model this behavior. Learn to embrace the love for what you do, your passion, and the people and organization you lead and prepare to transform the future! She discusses: What are some feminine leadership attributes that can transform the workplace? What is the difference between motivation and inspiration? What does “love” really mean? What impact do your…

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