Leadership through mentorship

Leadership through Virtual Mentorship | Lesley Robinson

2020 has been a rollercoaster of events and emotions, and Nietzsche reminds us that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, in Leadership through Mentorship. As we embrace the new virtual age and distanced-everything, there is no better time to experience and develop what great leadership looks like through virtual mentorship!

Join HERdacity on Thursday, December 17th, as Lesley Robinson encourages the sleeping leader within many of us to utilize our passions for a greater purpose: bringing up the next generation. Lesley will show us how to utilize technology to create long-term success that virtually engages both the mentor and the mentee. We will also explore the differences between the ever-changing roles of mentor, mentee, coach, and cheerleader, and how leadership mentorship must include each of these.

In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Learn strategies for embracing remote relationships and how virtual mentorship can be an opportunity for career development.
  • Understand how technology can aid in relationship building for both the mentor and mentee.
  • Define the different, but overlapping, roles of mentor, mentee, coach, and cheerleader, and why each is important in leadership mentorship.



Lesley Robinson empowers women to find the best path to their own destination. Robinson’s higher education experiences, nonprofit management, and corporate partnerships have supported early-stage entrepreneurs to be innovative and impact-focused. She has worked with the Chanel Foundation’s “PowHER in Tech” project and INCO Global’s Academy training program to support recruiting, retaining, and providing equitable access for women in the tech sector. Lesley is an active member in Women@Austin and Young Women’s Alliance and the proud mother of a dinosaur loving 3-year-old girl. She serves as the PTA Co-President at INIC Preschool, a Spanish immersion school in south Austin.

Currently, Lesley is the inaugural Program Manager for the newly launched Kendra Scott Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute at The University of Texas at Austin, supporting curricular and co-curricular efforts to equip, build community, and empower women and creatives often underrepresented in entrepreneurship.