July Coffee Connection

“Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.” — Michele Jennae

Each month at our Coffee Connections, women from all over Austin get together with the HERdacity community to network and have open dialogue on a variety of important topics.

This month, the HERdacity community got to meet our new Digital Community Director, Kelsey Harmon. Kelsey is a seasoned leader and problem solving powerhouse. A public speaker on personal branding, she’s passionate about helping others achieve their career goals, no matter how out of reach they may seem. As the Digital Community Director, she is focused on our members and providing programming to meet their needs. In her spare time, she raises backyard chickens and drives a miniature Ferrari.

One topic that came up at this month’s coffee was salary negotiation. We asked all the women in the room to close their eyes and raise their hand when they heard a statement that applied to them:

    • You feel like you aren’t compensated equally to your male counterparts at work
    • You don’t feel like you have the support needed to succeed in your career
    • You feel like you’re being passed up for opportunities at work
    • You don’t feel like you have the support needed to succeed in your personal life

AT LEAST half the room raised their hands for every point – which pointed out that we aren’t alone in this.

One attendee spoke on her experience of finding a new job and having her old boss on her side. She was offered a higher salary amount than she was expecting and was ready to take the offer. Her previous boss told her to ask for more. She explained that it was so helpful to have a male ally say, “You are worth this and this is why.” It was something she wouldn’t have done on her own and that before getting his advice, she felt guilty asking for more.

This teaches us the value of male allies in the workplace and how men and women can help push their coworkers and employees to know their worth, even if they decide to move on from the company.

We asked women to discuss in groups what they needed to address the above concerns and then had each table present. The biggest needs?

  • Support from other women – RELATIONSHIPS
  • Networking opportunities
  • Friends – making friends as an adult woman is HARD
  • Employment opportunities

We went back around the room and had each woman make an ASK and provide a GIVE.

The Asks?

  • Friendship
  • Mentorship
  • Employment
  • Referrals

The Gives?

  • Mentorship
  • Friendship
  • Cheerleader-ship
  • Networking

The intimacy of the event helped people to build stronger connections. They enjoyed being broken up into smaller groups and having authentic discussions with their group. Everyone felt heard and it helped to get to know the people at the event better.

Thank you to everyone who attended our July HER Coffee Connect and for sharing your stories and allowing us to help you harness your worth.

A special shout out to High Note for sponsoring this event! If you are a venue looking to sponsor our monthly coffees, preach out to Ashley@HERdacity.org.

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