INTERVIEW: First Female President of America’s Oldest Cattle Breed Association

The American Hereford Association helped add a few more cracks to the glass ceiling this past fall when they elected Terri Barber as their first female president. Having spent a lifetime in the cattle business, she jumped at the opportunity and has been enjoying her role ever since. As president, Terri is responsible for growing the Certified Hereford Beef brand and thus helping shape the entire industry. We are excited to share her trailblazing story!  Q: You are the first female president of America’s oldest cattle breed association. (As you know!) Why is this traditionally a male-dominated field? Terri: Agriculture in general, specifically raising livestock, was traditionally an occupation that males dominated. Males are credited for bringing the first imports from England, and for many years were the keepers of the gate both on the farm and in the boardroom. From my vantage point, I have gleaned that more domestic, household and child rearing…

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this …

    I really enjoyed reading this interview. I never stopped to think women weren’t leading agriculture organizations. It seems we should be in leadership positions in every sector–heck, we’re 50% of the population. But I guess we don’t, which is why we need to see stories like Ms. Barber’s. Thank you for sharing and raising our collective awarenesses (is that a word?) around what other women are doing–and not yet doing.

    1. YES! If a woman wants to be in…

      YES! If a woman wants to be in charge of a major agricultural organization— that’s exactly where she belongs! 

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