The Power of Confident Women: How We Use #IamRemarkable

#IamRemarkable is a Google initiative that empowers women and underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements in and out of the workplace. The movement started in 2016 as a way for Google employees to learn how to self-promote their professional accomplishments, but it quickly grew as other companies started requesting this workshop.


When our Program Director, Lorelei Gonzalez, learned of this initiative, she immediately applied to become a facilitator; and yes, there was a waiting list. Owing to the fact that our core mission is to inspire confidence in women to achieve their professional goals, we knew that these workshops would be another amazing tool to support our community of remarkable women! We began hosting these workshops in April, right after the major shutdowns hit, and the demand has been intense, with some workshops filling up within hours.


Why HERdacity Loves #IamRemarkable


Straight from Lorelei Gonzalez, our facilitator:

“The #IamRemarkable trainings are so powerful to me because I get to watch other women change their perspectives on self-promotion in REAL TIME!  Together we go through this journey, exploring why we hold certain [usually negative] feelings around self-promotion.  We chip away at some of the nonsense that society is constantly telling us [women] in regard to our ability to verbalize our own accomplishments and successes.  And we learn to own the power of our accomplishments; this shift in taking your power back is really something special.


The women I’ve had the pleasure of working with in these workshops are open to growth and personal development.  But more than that, they want change: They want to change how they see themselves, how they see the world, and how they impact others.  One of the beautiful aspects of the #IamRemarkable trainings is that we emphasize that by leading through example: we are changing workplace and societal cultures around self-promotion through our actions.  And I get to watch women lean into the power of their own Remarkability and it is breath-taking!”


What Women Had to Say

Through a survey, we asked prior participants what they enjoyed about the workshop and this is what they had to say:

“It was nice to talk with other women who were struggling with the same thing I was. I also liked being able to uplift other women.”


“It’s exactly the type of message females need to hear to encourage more positivity in their lives.”


“[I liked] connecting with other women who had the struggles I do, in a safe space.”


“[I enjoyed the] smaller number of participants, interactive format. The presenter’s tone and style [were] upbeat, encouraging and refreshingly informal, yet informative.”


In that same survey, we asked attendees about their confidence level in self-promotion. 68% of attendees said they felt Unconfident to Extremely Unconfident with their level of self-promotion before the workshop. After the workshop: 100% of women felt an increase in their confidence to self-promote!


Our Commitment to You

HERdacity and our facilitator Lorelei are committed to providing you a safe, intimate, and interactive workshop that is tailored to each workshop cohort. The #IamRemarkable workshops we host are unique because we’ve been there too, we’re constantly striving for improvement in our own lives. We understand the struggles women face promoting their skills and accomplishments, and how hard that can be. Lorelei strives to bring her whole self to these workshops and seeks to ensure that each attendee feels comfortable bringing their whole selves too.  Your experience is important to us and we are dedicated to helping you grow as a professional in your career. Whether we’re talking about your confidence, your self-promotion skills, your communication style, or what have you, HERdacity has your back!


How You Can Get Involved

“It’s not bragging if it’s based on facts,” is our favorite quote to come out of the #IamRemarkable workshop. We know that you’ve done amazing things in your career and we want you to feel confident talking about them, free of the guilt or feelings of judgement.


Our workshops are donation based, meaning whatever you’re able to give will go directly to support HERdacity‘s mission of inspiring confidence in women to achieve their professional goals. See what sessions we have available and register for your spot today!




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