How to Not Die Broke | Kara Perez

Does talk of savings, investments, and retirement give you the crazy-eye?

As a woman, if you’ve felt overwhelmed by the supposed complexities of financial investments and the vagaries of saving for retirement, you are not alone. Over half of women feel that investing is “not for them.” So we’re going to help chage that!

Join HERdacity and Kara Perez on a big-picture look at investing as a woman in the US. We’ll talk through how the stock market works and how you can get started investing on your own. And yes, we will talk about how COVID 19 plays into all of this!


Speaker Bio

Kara Perez is the founder of Bravely Go, a feminist financial education company. Bravely focuses on bringing actionable, intersectional and accessible financial education to people via pop up events and online community. Additionally, Kara co-hosts the award winning podcast The Fairer Cents, which has been named the top money podcast for women by Forbes and The Balance. Kara has been featured in Forbes, NPR, Glamour, ABC Nightline News, and US News and World Report as a financial expert. She lives happily in Austin, Texas.

Investing is FOR YOU and we’re going to show you how to start small and make big gains throughout your life.

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