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How Do You Celebrate International Women’s Day?

international women's day vector graphic of women

Women’s History Month is one of our favorite times of the year. Not only is it a whole month dedicated to celebrating women, but we also get International Women’s Day to bring women’s rights front and center.


At HERdacity, our mission is to inspire confidence in women to achieve their professional goals. This also includes fighting for gender equality in the workplace and helping to create a world where women can be confident and not face backlash. So International Women’s Day is pretty important to us.


But how do you “celebrate” International Women’s Day?

We’ve seen some women talk about their bosses bringing in cookies, or a group lunch for women in the office, but is that enough?


Short answer, no.


The longer answer involves fighting inequality in your workplace, taking a deep look at your own personal bias, supporting non-profits who have made this their life’s work, and so much more.


To create a medium answer, we’ve put together just a small list of things you can do, both as an individual and in your career, to truly celebrate International Women’s Day.


You can…


Support Early-Career Women 

 According to reacHIRE, “If women are promoted and hired to first-level manager at the same rate as men, there will be one million more women added to management in Corporate America over the next five years.” Women are still struggling to make it up that first rung and Millenial and Gen Z women are eager for guidance in achieving career success. Provide trainings to help support women in their career development. Give real feedback on how women can climb the ladder in their career, and then keep coming back to tell them how they’re doing.



Climb Up and Reach Back

If you are a woman who has made it up the ladder, or became an expert in your field, make sure you reach back and help lift other women up. Find opportunities in your company where you can support other women. Actions such as creating diverse hiring strategies, mentorship opportunities for women (especially women of color), or even just building a relationship with other women. Become their sponsor and advocate for them when they’re not in the room.


Discuss Your Salary

It used to be taboo to talk about your salary with coworkers. It was tacky and rude. Now we know that it’s really just a way for companies to pay women and minorities significantly less without getting in trouble.

So talk about your salary. Encourage coworkers to also talk about their salary. If you’re a business owner, be open about salary ranges and create practices so people are being paid for equal work.

P.S. If you’re looking to negotiate your salary, we have a great webinar from Jacqueline V. Twillie



Support Women-Owned Businesses

Ready to shop? Find a women-owned business.

Looking to partner with a business? Ask for suggestions on women-owned businesses you can hire.

Follow women-owned businesses on social media? Share their content.

Don’t follow women-owned businesses? Find some! Subscribe to their newsletters, refer people to them, hype them up.

Even if you can’t buy, there are plenty of ways you can support women-owned businesses in different ways that can benefit their business.


These are just a few ways you can celebrate and is no way a complete list of all the ways you can show support for women.


Now it’s time to ask


What are you doing to celebrate International Women’s Day?


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