We’re Hiring!

We're Hiring!

*The initial application deadline has passed, but we are leaving this form open for those who would still like to apply. Because we’ve already begun processing and getting to know candidates, we cannot promise a similar or parallel process, but if we feel that your application merits inclusion in the process where we are, we will reach out.

HERdacity Executive Director

At HERdacity, we envision a world where all women are confident in their choices.

Position Overview

HERdacity is serious about our mission and our commitment to women; we are looking for an Executive Director who is intensely and intently committed to bringing it to life.

As a small organization with big goals, the Executive Director plays many roles, while supporting our staff in their work. Depending on the task at hand at any point, the Executive Director is an amalgam of ambassador, advocate, convener, innovator, champion, leader, visionary, caretaker, coach, listener, and resource—backwards and sometimes in heels.

And with a big, diverse audience of prospective participants, the Executive Director represents HERdacity inclusively, as a trusting and trustworthy steward of individual and group dynamics. The Executive Director will leverage proven and non-traditional approaches to welcome new voices into our tent and to make the tent larger.

The Executive Director strategically connects board and staff resources on behalf of the mission, opening new possibilities in new contexts to serve women in their career journeys. We are looking forward to the leadership of our next Executive Director as HERdacity continues on its journey.

For full description and application, see below. Deadline is October 12, 2020.