HER Career Reboot Conference 2019 Speakers

Jenny DuFresne talks reinvention—how to invent the life of your dreams and the steps to take to set yourself up for success. Watch her video and see her 6 main points here! Open Deck Lydia O’Neil discusses the details you need to know for crafting your resume—from formatting to body text. Use her slide deck to follow along during the video! Open Deck Tzatzil LeMair discusses her career journey, how she’s returned to work after taking time off to be a mother, and how HERdacity has impacted her life. Here is a short clip of Mary Flanagan discussing why it’s so important to leverage LinkedIn for your career. For Mary’s full presentation, see her slide deck below. Open_Deck Panelists Liz Bronson, Ivy Ford, Caitlin Barber, and Theresia Intag gave insights on how recruiters work, what happens to your resume after you submit, and other behind the scenes tips to help…

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