Finding your purpose through fitness

Q&A with Rachel Lily Peterson After battling eating disorders for over 10 years and being told she would never be able to have children when she wanted to, by the age of 24, Rachel was shaken to her core. She knew everything needed to change. She felt her purpose on this planet was to create remarkable change. Fast forward 10 years, she is recovered,a mommy, and a business owner in the business of giving moms a community though fitness and sisterhood. Fit4MOM Sunset Valley is a community of over 160 moms in south Austin that meet daily to work out, meet weekly to connect and are the living breathing iteration of the sisterhood of motherhood. How did you discover your passion for fitness? I was one of the few with a really, really good+easy pregnancy. I  experienced few pregnancy symptoms and felt great. I attribute that to staying really active…

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