Finding Your Authentic Voice


Every woman has a unique voice that is used to express who she is and what she believes, and our homes, workplaces and communities need each and every voice to join in the choir! But sometimes we find that our voice sounds out of tune, off key or even worse, that we’ve lost our voice completely. Dena Jansen hosted a conversation about finding, honing in and using your authentic voice to experience a more genuine connection to yourself and in relationship with others.

The event itinerary’s is shown below:

4:30-5PM Arrival and networking

5:00-5:15 Dena Speaks

5:15-5:45 Q&A and networking w/ Dena

5:45-6:00pm Networking

Key Takeaways & Challenge: 

  • Common Thieves of Our Voice: Lack of Self Awareness (reflection and feedback), Fear, Comparison, Expectations, Shame and Guilt.
  • Voice Lessons Required: You always have a choice to take action and make it a practice to stay aware of when you feel in and out of your voice. Take time for self-reflection and gather feedback to learn and grow. We are humans and our voice will change over time or go astray, but extend grace to yourself and others.
  • Texas Women’s Conference Challenge: Throughout the conference remain mindful and aware of when you and others use their voice. Then express (written or verbal) gratitude for your voice and the choir of other strong willed women using theirs!

Speaker Bios

Dena Jansen
Founder & Voice, Dena Speaks


Dena Jansen may not know you yet, but as far as this speaker, writer, and guide is concerned, you are meant for more.  

Dena believes that each individual has untapped potential that once found and empowered will forever change the trajectory of this world! That’s why Dena spends her time with potential seeking leaders – both emerging and veteran – of corporations both large and small. She shows businesses and individuals that by taking small steps inward and then toward one another, they have the power to cultivate an environment where everyone wins.  

Dena launched Dena Speaks as a way to inspire others by sharing the real-life lessons she’s learned along her personal and professional growth journey. A retired partner from Austin-based accounting, tax, and consulting firm Maxwell Locke & Ritter where she managed the nonprofit practice, Dena continues to believe that education fuels true organic growth. In her speaking and guiding, she yokes shared accountability to infinite possibility. She loves spending time with groups – small and large – helping to empower individuals and teams to find their voice, be brave and hold tight to values of being kind, open, real, and, of course, FUN!  

 Dena shares life with her husband, JP, and their two children, Trace and Elizabeth in Buda, Texas. She serves on the Boards of Directors of Mission Capital and the Hays County Livestock Expo and volunteers at Austin Speech Labs.

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