Everybody Up! Embracing Authentic Leadership | Austin, TX

Is your leadership powered by authenticity? Learn to tap into your true self through Improv.

Join HERdacity and Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Trainer, Melissa Love, as we focus on how you can become a stronger leader through Improv. You will learn to eliminate boundaries, discover new connections, speak confidently, and encourage collaboration and communication at work and at home through Improv.

From the day we come into this world we are told what to do, what to wear, how to act, and who to be. As adults we continue to try and fit into molds society has created for us in the workplace as well as our personal lives. Across the board, 70% of all employees do not feel engaged at work. Through this event, participants will learn how to strengthen their leadership skills and engage at work, and:

– Eliminate boundaries between departments or coworkers

– Help discover connections with fellow team members

– Think on your feet

– Improve flexibility, teamwork, and problem-solving

– Encourage positive collaboration

– And be yourself!

Speaker Bios

Melissa Love is the founder of Everybody Up. She has over 20 years of pedal-to-the floor experience working with companies nationwide, from multinational computer companies, snack food manufacturers, casino resort destinations, secondary education institutions, to international helicopter engine manufacturers. Figuring out a way to get things done, work around obstacles and find opportunities for growth for her clients and employees has been her life-long mission and sticky client situations are her specialty because working the front lines with clients has prepared her to bob, weave and hit any problem head on. She now combines these skills with improvisation tools to help businesses increase productivity through team building, employee empowerment and employee engagement programs or to simply persuade her family to do what she wants.