Hustle & Float: Our Obsession With Productivity

All of us, women especially, are told we can “have it all” and that if we just work hard enough, we can achieve that. However, we struggle to find a way to gain our own purpose and fulfillment with this constant overworking of ourselves. How can you find the right balance between the daily grind and your own happiness? According to NY Times best-selling author and digital anthropologist Rahaf Harfoush, it’s easy: Work less.

At our March event, Hustle & Float: Our Obsession with Productivity, Ms. Harfoush spoke on her own stressful experiences as an entrepreneur and that there are three things that influence our views on productivity:

  • Our History: How our thinking around productivity has changed over time.
  • The Media: What the media shows us are people we should admire and the productive behaviors we tell people they should aspire to act like.
  • Our Own Biology: How our brains are wired and how our own genetics tell us how to work.

Ms. Harfoush shared her research findings in her book, Hustle & Float. The main takeaways included:

  • Breaks and daydreaming are an essential part of the creative process and allow your brain to process information.
  • Bosses, managers, and leaders need to set an example for the work/life balance they want their employees to emulate.
  • Start with an open dialogue about your company’s productivity and how to improve it.
  • Reflect on your beliefs about work and productivity. The only person who can change your views on productivity is you.
  • There is a difference between human productivity and humane productivity.
  • Even Beyoncé can’t always be Beyoncé.

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Thanks to all entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate employees, and workplace culture trailblazers who were able to attend.

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