Edythe Eyde

Edythe Eyde (1921-2015)

LGBTQ+ Editor, Author, and Songwriter.

Quote: “Don’t frown ‘cause your world’s upside down. Why should you be thought a fool for not conforming to the rule?”


source: www.lgbthistorymonth.com

  • Edythe was born in 1921 in San Francisco to a Norwegian immigrant and his wife.
  • Eyde started working for RKO Studios in 1945. While working there, she developed the idea for Vice Versa, an arts publication for lesbians
  • From 1947-1948, she printed nine total issues. The publication became so influential and coveted that Eyde could not keep up with demand.
  • In 1997, Edythe was honored as a founder of L.A.’s LGBT community, and inducted into the National Lesbian and Gay Journalist Hall of Fame in 2010.
  • Eyde passed quietly in 2015, with a life-long legacy of activism.

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