Can You Believe This S*#t?!? Invasive Exams For Women Before Hiring

Nebraska patrol accused of requiring invasive exams for women before hiring We love to highlight the awesome accomplishments of daring women and celebrate our collective voices. But sometimes we come across new stories of discrimination that make us realize we still have much to overcome in hopes of achieving equality. This alleged case is one of those instances. The Nebraska State Patrol has required female recruits to receive pelvic and rectal exams performed by a male doctor before they can be hired, according to a new federal lawsuit as well as a criminal investigation. A state trooper filed the lawsuit against the patrol, as well as the state of Nebraska, accusing them of creating a hostile work environment for women. According to the lawsuit, women recruits have been required to have vaginal and rectal exams for years so that the doctor could allegedly check for hernias. Also according to the lawsuit,…

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  1. Horrible story but great respo…

    Horrible story but great response by Herdacity.  Truly incredible!  thanks so much for posting this. Forewarned is definitely forearmed!

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