Burning Out Won’t Get You There | Davida Ginter

In a world that is rapidly moving, it’s becoming natural to get caught up in the mindset of achievement and success at the expense of our self-care and self-sustainability. It can get even more complicated while being a working woman, a mother, a decision-maker in a male-dominated environment, all leading up to a situation where we can hit the wall of burnout….sometimes again and again.

Those committed to taking care of everyone and everything tend to neglect themselves and reach burnout. While awareness in important, actions are priceless; therefore we will cover practices, approaches, and hands-on advice to preventing burnout, as well as cultivating well-being in our daily life and work routines.

What will you take away from this webinar:

  • An understanding of the common causes of burnout
  • Awareness to the signs of burnout
  • Some thought-provoking questions to help break down the prevalent mindset that can lead to burnout
  • A variety of approaches and practices that YOU can implement in your daily routine to cultivate improved personal well-being

Speaker Bio

Davida Ginter is the founder of Be the Change, co-founder and CEO of Enkindle Global, and the author of the book “Burning Out Won’t Get You There.” She is a Participatory Leadership facilitator and a Non-Violent Communication trainer, and operates on a global scale to support change-makers as well as organizations in preventing burnout and cultivating well-being. She has a Masters’ in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability and she’s passionate about positively mobilizing social change.

Davida resides in Israel with her husband and three kids, enjoys nature hiking, and never says NO to a cup of coffee and good conversation!

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