Building Confidence as a Female Entrepreneur

Summary Being an entrepreneur comes with its challenges and rewards! Many people view entrepreneurs and self-employment as the peak of working: you get to call all the shots! Having no one to rely on but yourself has its unique challenges, especially in a small business setting. Hear from Jen Shultz on how to combat self-doubt while pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. You will learn: The 2 main pieces to the entrepreneurial gameboard that you must have to stay with your business mission! The #1 innate gift you have but don’t even know it! How, when you tap into your #1 innate gift, your confidence will soar! The story of how 1 female entrepreneur went from no business to being featured on TV and in magazines! Speaker Bios Jen Shultz began her entrepreneurial journey after she quit a steady teaching job in NYC and started her first business 8.5 years ago. After going…

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