Allyship In Action | Saamiya Seraj

Allyship In Action: Let’s face it – conversations about race are uncomfortable and difficult. If you are a person of color, speaking up about your racial experiences can be downright painful due to past racial trauma. If you are white, talking about race requires putting aside your own experiences, examining inner biases, and trying to see the world through another person’s lens. That’s why we hosted a webinar with leadership consultant Saamiya Seraj, who guides us through a beginners journey of racial allyship despite the discomfort and difficulty.

In this webinar, you will learn:

-How race plays a role in everything, whether we realize it or not.

-That being a true ally requires putting aside your own defensiveness and bystander guilt, educating yourself on the ways race and systemic racism affects our society, and really listening to the experiences of the POC community.

-How allyship can be a powerful counterbalance in unsafe environments.

Allyship In Action BIO for speaker Saamiya Seraj, PhD

Saamiya Seraj, PhD is the co-founder and CEO of A Better Force, a leadership and professional development company in Austin. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a PhD in Civil Engineering in 2014. After her PhD, she worked in the construction industry in Bangladesh, helping to improve safety and quality standards on construction sites, as well as advocating for better earthquake and fire code-compliance in high rise structures. While working in construction, Saamiya realized that one of the issues plaguing companies was a strategic mismanagement of talent, especially of young professionals and minorities. This led her to develop workshops on self-confidence, fear of failure, team motivation and time management, which eventually resulted in the creation of A Better Force! She is passionate about leadership training, mental health advocacy, and children’s education. To learn more about Better Force, visit: