Advocacy: Turning Passion into Engagement | Leya Simmons

Most women wear many hats: professional, partner, mother, yogi, kick-boxer, you name it… But are we really making an impact?!

Busy lives and full schedules can leave us wondering if what we do everyday is making a lasting impact beyond our immediate community. Finding fulfillment in every day achievements and successes is so important, but so is contributing to society or humanity as a whole. Our guest speaker Leya Simmons taught us that getting involved doesn’t need to mean taking on another huge commitment or writing a really large check – it can be done one step after another and you can start TODAY! In this webinar, we:

  • Discussed the talents needed by mission-driven organizations and how to turn passion into purpose
  • Learned easy steps for personal advocacy on social causes and issues (without blowing up your Facebook)
  • Defined clever and creative ways to support local organizations in your home, in your “free” time, and in your workplace

Speaker Bios

Leya Simmons, founder, BetterUnite

After working as a private art dealer, gallery owner and art consultant for over fifteen years, Leya turned her focus to various nonprofit causes that she enjoyed supporting. Throughout her art career, Leya has served on several nonprofit committees and boards, among them: the Austin Museum of Art, the Texas Film Hall of Fame, and The Art Association of Jackson Hole. As a development professional, Leya has advocated and raised money for Be One Texas, Austin Recovery, Art Alliance Austin, The Refuge, and University High School, where she still works on behalf of students recovering from substance use disorders.

In 2017, Leya co-founded BetterUnite, a fundraising software ecosystem designed to address many of the fundraising challenges faced by nonprofits and increase organizations’ access to cutting-edge software. Leya Simmons is a passionate advocate for causes and organizations sharing her commitment to advocacy, social justice, the arts, and wellness!

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