5 ‘Women Only Travel Tours’ That Offer Adventure, Bonding & Friendship

Summer is the season of swimming, sweating and most importantly—setting off for a travel adventure. A new traveling trend has emerged that helps connect groups of women to travel together both domestically and internationally. The trips vary from canoeing and camping in the Pacific Northwest to learning photography in Iceland. And though the locations and adventures spread far and wide, the lessons and experiences of each trip would be priceless. 

Deborah Kilcollins, brand manager of Big Five Tours and Expeditions, explained the trend in an article in Conde Nast Magazine. 

“When women travel together, they tend to be a more cohesive and closer-knit group than mixed groups,” said Kilcollins. “They support each other and encourage each other to try something that they may have never done before. [It’s] a win-win for all women.”

The trips are organized by women, for women and the travel itinerary is led by women as well.  Check out some of the trips we would LOVE to try below: 

Damesly’s “Film + Fjords” Iceland

From the site: “On our incredible Film + Fjords trip, we will take you through the backroads of majestic Iceland, to the waterfalls, fjords and hot springs you just wouldn’t see otherwise. Best of all, we’ll be working on photography and visual storytelling throughout the trip with pro photographer, Claire Bangser, who will help you get comfortable shooting and ensure you return home with frame-worthy shots of stunning Iceland.”

Free People’s Mother Mountain – Glacier National Park

“On this retreat, you will be absorbed by nature and challenged through daily yoga and epic excursions. Discover Glacier’s healing landscape as we explore the park’s rugged peaks, clear waters and glacial-carved valleys. Take in breathtaking views, bask in the crisp mountain air and gaze up at the Milky Way. Through this process, we come alive, revived and refreshed with clarity and purpose.”- From the site

Adventure’s In Good Company: Hiking Hut to Hut in British Columbia

From the site: “Rarely is it possible to combine hiking a wilderness that is so remote we are unlikely to see other people for the entire time, yet enjoy a warm and comfortable hut at the end of the day. But on this trip, you can have it all! If you want days full of hiking in beautiful wild Canadian mountains, experiencing all the joy of true wilderness and solitude, and love the idea of a warm place with a soft mattress to sleep at night, please join us as we spend six days roaming this remote area of lush meadows full of wildflowers, beautiful peaks, pristine lakes, and streams that are so clean you can drink directly from them. Maximum group size: 10.”

 Adventure Women’s:”South Africa: Culture, Wine, and Wildlife”

“Join AdventureWomen in late July 2017 to immerse yourself in South Africa’s beauty, cultures, landscapes and wildlife. Learn about South Africa’s fascinating cultures, enjoy a true African safari, and fall in love with sophisticated Cape Town, South Africa’s “Mother City.” – From the site

REI’s San Juan Islands Women’s Weekend

From the site: “Trip highlights include kayaking through some of the most ecologically rich waters on the West Coast, enjoy sweeping views of Boundary Pass, dine on delcision wine and food featuring fresh Northwest flavors.” 

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