5 ‘Women Only Travel Tours’ That Offer Adventure, Bonding & Friendship

Summer is the season of swimming, sweating and most importantly—setting off for a travel adventure. A new traveling trend has emerged that helps connect groups of women to travel together both domestically and internationally. The trips vary from canoeing and camping in the Pacific Northwest to learning photography in Iceland. And though the locations and adventures spread far and wide, the lessons and experiences of each trip would be priceless.  Deborah Kilcollins, brand manager of Big Five Tours and Expeditions, explained the trend in an article in Conde Nast Magazine.  “When women travel together, they tend to be a more cohesive and closer-knit group than mixed groups,” said Kilcollins. “They support each other and encourage each other to try something that they may have never done before. [It’s] a win-win for all women.” The trips are organized by women, for women and the travel itinerary is led by women as well.  Check out some of the…

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