woman sitting on couch with cat watching tv

Top 5 TV Shows Every Woman Should Watch

woman sitting on couch with cat watching tv

There are so many incredible shows out there. With so many to choose from, finding ones with strong female leads is a fun place to start. These are just a few of the best shows out there today, so in no particular order, let’s dive in.


The Handmaid’s Tale

One word. “Terrifying.” Why? Because this could really happen/may be sort of already happening. This show, while hard to watch at times, is a reminder of everything women have been through throughout history. It is also an example of how women continue to fight back and stand up for themselves. The concept of this show is important to understand the severity of/repercussions of limiting or taking away women’s rights. Not to mention Elizabeth Moss is a boss.


Workin’ Moms

On a more comical note, Working Moms is absolutely hilarious. It highlights all the struggles mothers face from the change in their body to relationships and social life. Four women join a judgmental mommies’ group and end up forging hilarious and meaningful friendships that get them through the changes. If you’re looking for a laugh and satire of motherhood, you must watch this show.


Big Little Lies

A few years ago, Reese Witherspoon got tired of doing films that didn’t have powerful female leads or work that was written, directed, or produced by women, so she stepped in to change that. Her new production company, Hello Sunshine, took a book written by Liane Moriarty and produced it beautifully.


The lead female cast is strong and empowering. The series covers domestic violence, rape, and motherhood in a realistic way. The women are at times against each other but in the end they all come together in an incredible way to support each other no matter what. One word to take away from this show is “resilience.”


How to Get Away with Murder

Viola Davis. Shonda Rhimes. Enough said.


But seriously, between the fierce writing of strong female characters from Shonda and the badassness of Viola, this show is a powerful force. The women in the show are intelligent, powerful, and full of flaws like the rest of us. Besides the whole intrigue of the murder part, this show dives into the deepest desires we all hold – love and acceptance.


Sex and the City

Maybe one of my favorite shows ever, I keep this show on repeat because not only do I love the comradery of the characters, but I relate to this show so much. No topic is off limits and I haven’t met a woman in the world who doesn’t relate to either one of the characters or their challenges and triumphs.


There are four very different powerful female leads. Miranda is a powerful lawyer who struggles with meeting men because they are intimidated by her success. She fiercely stands up for women’s rights and is quick to correct her friends when they suggest women are anything less than equal to men. Charlotte is the eternal optimist and traditionalist. All she wants is love, marriage, and a family. Ironically, she struggles with pregnancy and goes through marriage, divorce, miscarriages, IVF, adoption, and more.


Samantha is the ravenous sex pot who is unashamed of her sexuality. She has been there, done that, and embraces her sexuality and womanhood and will change for no man! Carrie, the main character, goes through almost all the men in NYC trying to find love. The man she loves, Big, is emotionally unavailable and she spends the whole series going back to the same unavailable love, trying to change him, and filling the void with other relationships.


Throughout the series the women go through cheating, love, successes, babies, challenges, breakups, and more. I would love to meet the woman who can’t relate to anything in this show… so I can take them out and help them live a little!


In Conclusion

We love a good television show that shows women being powerful and that we can relate to. It helps us feel like we can do anything and that we’re less alone.

These are just some of our top #girlpower shows. Share some of your favorite shows in the comics!

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