Winning Negotiation Strategies for Women | 5 Minute Recap

Welcome to the 5-minute recap of HERdacity’s July Webinar, Winning Salary Negotiation Strategies for Women, with speaker Jamie Lee.  


We want to share with you our biggest takeaways from this webinar – BUT these are by NO means all the juice this webinar holdsso if you like what you hear, check out the full webinar by clicking here. 


Let’s get to it 


Our speaker, Jamie Leeis a certified coach who helps smart women who love their jobs but hate office politics get promoted and better paid without throwing anyone under the bus. Born in South Korea, Jamie first learned self-advocacy from the example of her mother, who single-handedly raised three daughters while running a small business after immigrating to America. In her former life, Jamie negotiated as a buyer for multinational companies, was a hedge fund analyst, and later an operations director for tech startups. To learn more about Jamie, go to 


Alright! Now that we know how badass Jamie is, let’s jump into our top takeaways.  


#1. Know when to negotiate your salary

In the middle of a pandemic may not be the best time, so be sure to read the room yallKeep in mind that there are companies that are still or constantly growing, so do your research and know when the right time is. When does your company build it’s annual budget?  When was your last performance review? Perhaps talk to them while that process is ongoing, so they can build in your salary increase If it’s a new job negotiation, you don’t lead with the money convo, you first have to provide your value as a future employee – THEN, you get to the brass tacks.  


#2. Negation is JUST a conversation

Negotiation is NOT a fight to the death, it is a conversation with the intention of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement. We can let go of all those warring thoughts and insecurities on the subject and remember: its just a checkin, a conversation about your compensation – and it’s worth having!  


#3. Facts, Open Questions, and Value

When you’re negotiating, stick with the provable, neutral facts both sides can agree to be true. Take out all the other fluff and the feels, stick to the evidenceSometimes we can get into our own head and get stuck on our interpretation of eventsDon’t fall into that trap.  


While you are negotiating, Use open-ended questions. Prepare them in advance and use them to better understand your company’s interests, to get past an  impasse or rejection. Or as Jamie says: “Get curious not furious.


And finally: Value. We must consistently be building belief in the value that we provide. Paint a picture of the success they get from saying yes to usHave firm belief in the value you bring to the table and how said value can bring success to one lucky organization.  


And that’s it for the recap, but just the tip of the iceberg from this webinar. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and join our newsletter for all the info, tips, and positive vibes.

 See you next time!  

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