5 Course Corrections to Change Lanes from Surviving to Thriving

Summary Many times we find ourselves on autopilot mode rolling through life without the energy, joy, and fulfillment that we long to experience. We don’t have to settle for status quo though; we are all armed with the power of choice and the ability to change. Join Dena Jansen, Founder and Voice of Dena Speaks, as she covers 5 course corrections where we have the potential to become intentional. These course corrections are human needs we have and actions we could consider that provide real-life opportunities to shift our mindset and put us back in control of our own lives. Any change we decide to make – big or small – can bring more of the freedom, abundance, and connection that are part of thriving, and not just surviving, in our beautiful and perfectly imperfect lives! In this webinar with Dena Jansen, you’ll learn answers to these questions: What is the…

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