woman on computer skill build

20 Skill Building Sites You Need to Know

woman on computer skill build

The amount of times we’ve seen job postings say something along the lines of “Entry Level – 5 years of experience needed” is almost laughable. These ridiculous expectations can make it seem impossible to change your career path. One way to show potential employers that you have what it takes is by building your skillset.


However, skill building can be difficult when you don’t have money to go back to school (and who needs another student loan?) So, if you’re looking to change your career path, beef up your resume, or just needing something to do during quarantine, we’ve put together the top 20 skill building sites that are (almost) free.



Learn to Code

Code Academy – Interactive platform that offers free coding classes in 12 different programming languages

Free Code Camp – Learn to code and earn certifications for free

Treehouse – Designed to help you build your portfolio while learning how to code

Udacity – Online tech courses that with real-life projects

Skillcrush – Web design, coding, and other digital skills. There is also a free coding camp



Free College Courses

edX – Free college courses from over 140 institutions. For a small fee you can get a certificate

MIT OpenCourseWare – Over 2000 courses from MIT that are published so they are widely available to everyone

Kutztown University of Pennsylvania – 44 on-demand training resources for entrepreneurs and small business owners

Open Yale Courses – Free and open access to various introduction courses at Yale



Online Courses

Coursera – Courses, certificates, and degrees from world-class universities

Skillshare – Online learning that focuses on learning through completing a project

Udemy – Self-paced business and technical courses that come with certificates of completion for your resume

LinkedIn Learning – Expand your professional skills with courses on a range of topics



Expand Your Knowledge

Highbrow – 5-minute lessons on over 300 topics delivered to your email

Khan Academy – Online classes for all ages

TEDEd – Educational courses in the style of TED Talks



Creative Classes

Drawspace – Online drawing classes

Curious – Get customized learning topics sent to your inbox

Creative Live – Free creative classes from top experts

CreativeBug – Arts and Crafts video classes by professionals


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